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Credit Cards Keep Our Economy Growing

Consumers have come to rely on credit cards to build credit and gain access to funds that otherwise may not be available to them. In 2018 alone, credit and debit card purchases accounted for $6.7 trillion in purchases.

Interchange fees help keep these electronic payments safe. Merchants pay interchange fees that are just a cent per dollar transaction and often baked into the cost of product or service.

Don’t leave consumers behind

Proposed changes to the credit routing system would harm consumers and the financial institutions they rely on.

Potential consequences include:

  • Compromising robust security measures by fostering a diluted mixed-and-matched routing network
  • Boxing out select segments of the population as merchants exclude certain cards
  • Imposing costs on small businesses that must contract with new systems that don’t currently exists

The current system works

Consumers and merchants alike benefit through the current system—fraud protection, guaranteed payments, and access to capital keep our economy flowing.

Protect merchants, consumers, and financial institutions by retaining the current standard on interchange fees.

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